Congress Fails As Zika Escalates

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Candidate Condemns Inaction on Zika Virus

Raleigh, NC  – In the wake of a still escalating  number of Zika infections, John McNeil, Democratic nominee for U.S. House from North Carolina's 2nd District, reiterated that Congress must find funding  for Zika testing and vaccination research, and quickly, to stop this public health crisis.

"How many Americans must contract this virus before Congress takes effective action," McNeil asked. "This is a bipartisan failure to represent the people."

More than 2400 cases of Zika are now confirmed in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control. There have been 35 travel-borne cases confirmed  in North Carolina.

Congress left for a seven week recess July 14 without passage of what became a politically charged funding bill for Zika. Democrats pulled support for the bill when a slate of partisan if not random amendments - including taxpayer funded Confederate flags at veteran funerals - were added.

"We have turned a blind eye against the consequences of Zika, especially for expecting mothers and their unborn, who are now at significant developmental risk. All the while, as our elected leaders adjourn so they can campaign for reelection or take summer vacations."

"When Congress decided it was easier to take a summer break, they put  the health of tens of thousands of people across the United States at risk," McNeil said. "Congress must put down the partisan politics. come together to fund testing and vaccine research. And they must do it  before this epidemic turns into a full blown disaster. "


John McNeil is a Wake County attorney, urban farmer, veteran and self-made businessman running to serve the North Carolina 2nd District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Twitter: @johnpmcneil02

Facebook: John McNeil for Congress