I am running for the House of Representatives because North Carolina needs a Representative who represents The People, All of the People, and not just the 1% who are currently over-represented in the U.S. House of Representatives.

I am a veteran of the Marine Corps. I was born into the military community and became a “military brat” as we are often called. I had the pleasure of spending most of my youth in and around the military. Joining the military after high school was an easy choice for me: I graduated from high school when the country was in the grips of Reagan’s implementation of his “trickle down” economic policies, which ensured there were few meaningful employment opportunities or opportunities to send me to college.

After attending Parris Island for recruit training, in 1987 I was stationed at Camp Lejeune as a Scout with 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion. I remained with 2nd LAR throughout my enlistment, eventually achieving the rank of Sergeant.  I participated in the Panama Invasion, Desert Shield, and Desert Storm.

Despite these financial catastrophes, Washington has given industry lobbyists side-door access into Legislators' offices so these industries can, once again, be saved from the consequences of their actions. As always, the Middle Class is left holding the bill.

Over those many years, the American Dream has been eroded. It is time for REAL change in Washington. America needs less talk and a lot more action.

It is because of this constant assault on the American Dream and a chance to make a real difference that I chose to run for the US House of Representatives. I am committed to representing ALL the people of the 2nd Congressional District and not just the chosen few.

After my honorable discharge, I attended North Carolina public universities to achieve my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and attended law school at Wake Forest University. I currently own and operate a law firm and mediation service in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Over the past thirty years I have watched as Presidents and Congresses have made cuts and passed legislation that only benefits their friends and campaign donors. I have watched as politicians use spin and lies to sway the American people into taking actions or voting against their own interests. I have watched politicians advocate for taking unnecessary risks with our troops lives without any concern for the warriors' return, their transition into civilian life, or the impact on their families. These same politicians seem to have no concern for the very real strategic, economic, or geopolitical consequences of those decisions. I have watched as politicians use divisive tactics to deny basic human rights and subjugate underrepresented segments of the population based solely on race, gender, income, and personal health decisions.

As a lawyer, I have seen the very real impact that lax fiscal policies and failure to implement any oversight has had on the American economy, American workers, and their families. In the past two decades, lives and families have been destroyed by the Dot-Com Bubble, the Housing Bubble, and the Financial Securities Bubble. Our politicians have bent over backwards to bail out mortgage companies, banks, investment firms, and automakers. The Middle Class has been left holding the bill for these bailouts and asked to sacrifice more and more as these same industries continue their same practices. In the coming years, there will be a Student Loan Bubble as students and workers struggle to find good-paying jobs or make payments while wages remain stagnant or decrease. Once again, the Middle Class will be left holding the bill while those truly responsible will be bailed out.

Despite decades of these bubbles, Washington continues to relax rules and safeguards that would protect us from these bubbles.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my children and grandchildren, traveling, motorcycling, and working on my urban farm where I grow various crops and raise bees and chickens.

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