Social Security

We Must Protect Social Security

Our Nation MUST do everything it can to ensure that our Seniors are protected from poverty, from price-gouging, and from the excessive costs of health care. We have all payed into the Social Security system expecting that when we retire, the funds we put into the Social Security system would be used to help us transition into retirement. Given the financial disasters caused by unregulated financial industries, Social Security is the only retirement plan many of us still have.

I support improving the fiscal stability of the Social Security program, ending Prescription Drug Price Gouging, and ensuring that our Seniors receive the benefits they have faithfully paid into the Social Security program.

The Republican Plan supported by my opponent includes Privatizing Social Security. The very financial industries that destroyed our economy in the Great Recession are now lobbying Congress to allow them to handle the Social Security program. There is no plan more foolish that putting corporate profits ahead of the needs of our Seniors. 

Social Security MUST be strengthened, NOT destroyed.