International Trade Policy

We Must Have Trade That Protects American Workers

For too long, the needs of American workers and the Middle Class have played second-fiddle to the wants, desires, and greed of Corporate America and their advocates in Congress. The same companies expend Millions of dollars making contributions to their selected Congressional members to ensure these trade deals slide through Congress. This is not fair to American workers!

American workers are now competing for jobs against countries which allow companies to employ slave-labor, use children to manufacture products, and illegally undercut prices to compete for contracts with American-based companies. Our American workers should not be forced to compete in an unfair labor market that forces them to compete with countries which do not protect workers.

In general, and because we have not been permitted to read or review the TPP in its entirety, I oppose the TPP because from rumored provisions and proposals, it does not seem to protect American workers from having to compete with foreign workers. I am generally not in favor of any trade policy which forces American workers to compete with Third World workers or which provides incentives for American companies to move their operations and factories overseas to avoid taxation, worker protections, or environmental protection.

International Trade is fine when it is Fair, when it benefits our economy, and when it helps businesses sell their products in expanding markets. The trade MUST to fair to America, must be fair to American small business, and must be fair to American workers.