How You Can Help

We Need YOU to Help US Win This Election

Thanks for reaching out.  There are many other ways to help support our campaign beyond door knocking and we would love to have you involved at whatever level you are comfortable with.

  • Social Media sharing - If you are on Facebook and haven't already, please like the McNeil For Congress Facebook Page and like/share our posts.  The more traction our posts get, the wider the range of distribution to those not already connected to the page.  Also, inviting your friends to attend our events posted there increases visibility and helps to spread that information far and wide.  Additionally, we are  active on Twitter if that's your preference.
  • Canvassing and phone banking are underway.  Voter outreach  is key to the success of our campaign and the most effective manner to really educate voters on their choices in November. Please join in on these great team-building opportunities to really be impactful with our message and your time.
  • Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs - It's that time again and we need your help to ensure that we have the name recognition we need to win this election!  You can assist us in getting the word out by distributing signs within the District.
  • Family Fun Day: We will be needing volunteers to help staff our Family Fun Day in Zebulon on Saturday, Oct 8th so if you are available that day, mark your calendar and keep an eye out for more information coming soon.
  • If you are comfortable forwarding our informational and/or donation emails to your own contacts, PLEASE do so.  Adding a personal note explaining why you support John and why you think they may be interested in the campaign as well is very effective.  The more folks that hear about John and what he stands for, the more likely we will turn NC02 blue in November.  Plus it never hurts to have a bigger pool to ask from 🙂
  • Write letters to the editors of local papers within the District about John and the campaign.  We can provide you with some additional information on this if you are interested.  Positive earned media coverage is just one additional tool we have to get this job done.
  • Host or sponsor a fundraiser or meet & greet event:  We have a couple of really unique fundraising events coming up that we are actively seeking sponsors for and we are always looking for additional opportunities to get John out to meet new folks.
  • Poll Workers: Many people know who they are voting for when they go to the polls, but many do not. We will need many volunteers to cover polls at both early voting (Oct 20 - Nov 5) and day of election Nov 8.  If you would be willing to work a shift (or several) let us know so we can add you to that list.
  • Local Outreach: If there is a local community event or festival you are aware of or a civic organization you are involved with that John might be invited to speak at, let us know.  As often as our schedule allows, we are attending whenever invited.  Back to that "spreading the message/name recognition" mission again!

As other opportunities to help out come up, we will send them in the weekly email so just keep opening and reading them.  We very much appreciate your support of John and the campaign.  Together, we can get this done!

Campaign Manager

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator: volunteer(at)