My name is Robert Elliott. I am a registered Republican who no longer identifies with either party, and I am voting for a Democrat for Congress.
In my lifetime, I became a Marine and a contractor for the Department of Defense. In the latest part of my life, post-military, I have become a farmer and a known advocate for bringing veterans into the world of agriculture and helping them excel within. I have seen the world a few times, and I hold many titles on a local level that all pertain to either feeding or helping people.
I wish to write this letter of support for John P. McNeil, because many people have become so blinded by the partisan politics we have today. Many people have asked me about which candidate is going to help with small farms and veterans. Those are the two issues I take very personally. I’m not in the habit of bashing other politicians, but I will speak on the fact that John McNeil has visited my farm many times before making the decision to run for Congress. He has asked me personally, “How can I help with your farm and what you do when I get up there?” I have told him as a leader of the veterans to agriculture community in NC what the needs are, and where the money needs to be spent. I have never had another political candidate show up and ask, “What can I do to help you help others?”

There’s a certain amount of schmoozing and baby kissing that must take place from candidates who run, but when one goes out of their way to help you, your business, and your calling in life to help others like you, those actions speak greater than any campaign sign, mail flyer, ad on facebook or anything of the like. John is a man of action, not advertising. He rises out of his office and lets people know he is there to serve them. He buys local goods from local producers. This isn’t to garnish votes in his favor nearly as much as it is to find out what he needs to do for us when he takes a seat in Congress. His farm visits, years of being a faithful customer of mine, and his desire to work together with everyone instead of heading to Washington with a burning sword aimed towards the other side is why I support him. He is my brother as a fellow Marine, and as Marines, we are always faithful to each other and to those we swear to support and defend which is all of you.

In closing, I wish for you all to consider the following. We must consider the cause and effects our actions if we are to decide on wearing a red or blue shirt to the polls. We have seen what red versus blue has done over the past years (more especially recent years), and we haven’t accomplished much for the good of mankind. We have been split in two with what now sits in D.C. and in our State House. Let us no longer seek the red answer or the blue answer, but the red, white, AND blue answer. Let us not elect one side OR the other, but demand both or nothing at all. You must pick the one who represents you and that you think is going to work with another person who sits in a chair miles away to decide things on your behalf. This election season has showed us how brutally nasty partisanship can become. People have been hurt because of the basic possibility of a candidate making office, and people have fought to prove one side or the other to be better. Most of us want the same basic things, and if we were to meet each candidate face-to-face then you now have a level playing field of what you can accomplish with the vote that many have died to allow you to cast. John McNeil met that challenge with many this year, and showed that he is willing to break the great divide of politics by simply breaking bread with another party time and time again. God Speed John.

Robert Elliott USMC

Robert Elliott, Marine Corps Veteran and Farmer

Indy Week Endorsement: John McNeil

U.S. House, District 2

Since his election in 2012, George Holding has aligned himself with the fringes of the Republican Party: anti-abortion, pro-tax cuts, and repeating the oft-heard line that we need a "strong military." He also endorsed Ted Cruz in the primary and said in May that transgender people using the bathroom consistent with their gender identity was a "situation which defies common sense."

His opponent, John McNeil, is a Raleigh lawyer who served as a Marine in the Gulf War; in contrast to Holding, a grade-A chicken hawk, McNeil is staunchly anti-war. In fact, McNeil is largely cut from the same cloth as Senator Bernie Sanders, who champions smarter, more equitable tax policies, ending the "war on drugs," and opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership. We strongly endorse him.

The full article is here.

Indy Week: We Strongly Endorse John McNeil


We are pleased to announce that we were endorsed by the NC Association of Educators. Our students, teachers, and schools need a focused approached that permits teachers to teach, students to learn, and increases the resources provided to all those who support our children, teachers, and the teaching professionals.

NC Association of Educators: John McNeil For Congress

Raleigh attorney John McNeil is everything Second District Democrats could want in a candidate against Holding or Ellmers in November: smart, tough as hell, and staunchly progressive.

A Marine Corps veteran who served in the Gulf War, McNeil is a firebrand with a background that deflects all of the usual Republican attacks against Democrats. He's a strong antiwar voice with the soldier's résumé to back it up, something that could provide an interesting counter should he face either Holding or Ellmers, who both voted against the Iran nuclear deal last year.

Full Endorsement Here: Indy Week

Indy Week, Jeffrey C. Billman

You may be wondering why I would be publicly backing John McNeil for the US House of Representatives, 2nd U.S. Congressional District. I’ve known John McNeil for nearly a decade and I am convinced that our future as Americans is hinged on electing leaders like John to serve in the U.S. Congress. John’s experience as an attorney and mediator makes him uniquely prepared to understand the needs of everyday people like you and me. He has the skills to reach across both sides of the issues to find common ground and help build a solution that works best for everyday Americans. His service as a Marine ensures that he will never send our sons or daughters into combat without weighing the peaceful alternatives. And he'll support our troops, here and abroad with the best skills, equipment, and support our Nation can deliver. Bottom line, he has the smarts, guts, and experience to make a difference by focusing on the needs of his constituents over petty, party politics.

A. Leigh DeWulf, SHRM-SCP, HR Executive and Business Leader

I have known John McNeil since his days in Wilmington, NC. I've kept up with his transitions from his service in the Marines to putting himself through law school, and becoming the excellent, common sense mediator he is today. He sees it ALL in his practice. In this line of work, he sees what is going on in the homes, and in the streets, with the people right across his desk. If ever you wanted someone in Congress to represent you, it would be this man. He is one of those people you hear about occasionally, you know, the ones that actually get up and get it done instead of just wondering if they should. John McNeil doesn't have time for the sofa. He is up and about. Always. If he can do this for himself, imagine what he can do for all of you!

Belinda Bizic Keller, Professional Photographer and Radio Personality

Before I met John as a neighbor, I knew of him as a respected attorney and small business owner. Having excelled as a Marine, attorney and mediator, it is time to let John excel as our Representative in Washington.

David Malhum, Attorney and Small Business Owner

I've known John since 1999. That's long enough to tell you that he has spent his whole life being a good person and a good citizen--and not a career politician. I know him well enough to know that every move he makes is purposeful. He is extremely intelligent and uses his intelligence to analyze all issues. With every decision he makes, he thinks about wrong and right--ramifications and consequences. He is a person who you can trust to do the right thing for North Carolina and the right thing for our great nation. He has spent his life in search of the moral high ground and he is the type of person you want to represent your best interest. He's someone you can trust. He is someone who will always remain accountable to his constituents. He will never be too big to hear you.

Sofia Balile, Small Business Owner, Attorney and Mother

I've watched John McNeil work for nearly a decade. As a file clerk at a family law firm, I saw him and many other family law attorneys fairly but passionately fight on behalf of people who needed it most. It was apparent then that he cared about people. That is even more true today. He is a man of integrity who truly wants to make a better life for the working class, children, everyone. And he has the grit to make it happen. Join me in helping to send John McNeil to Washington.

Kathy Reynolds, North Carolina Certified Paralegal and Digital Forensic Technician

I support John McNeil for Congress. He's a champion for working people and I trust him to fight for greater equality in our State. John is conscious of our struggles and will consider us every day in his policy making. Having worked directly with him, I know that he is sensitive to the needs and dynamics of actual families. He is a regular person with an amazing vision for a better North Carolina with the competence to carry it out. I am proud to know him and hope to send him to Washington.

Jessica Coates, Forensic Investigator

I'm Jennifer Barr and I'm very excited that John McNeil is a candidate for the US House of Representatives. I know that just like me, John is very concerned about our country...the economy's decline and how that has affected our way of life. access to healthcare for everyone, and taking care of our veterans and elderly. He will do an awesome job as a representative for the people of North Carolina and our country.

Jennifer Barr, Telecom and Small Business Owner

To the citizens of the 2nd Congressional District,
I have known John McNeil for 28 years, having served with him in the United States Marine Corps during two International Conflicts (Panama and Desert Storm). John served his country with honor, courage, and integrity, and his honesty is above reproach. It is refreshing to see someone of John's character seeking public office, because there is no doubt in my mind that John is the polar opposite of career politicians that seem to only be concerned with their longevity in Washington. If John says he will do something, you can believe him without doubt.
I encourage you to support my friend and Marine Corps brother in his bid for Congress. He will do an outstanding job representing ALL of the people of the 2nd District and the State of North Carolina.

Lieutenant Chris Ray
Tennessee Highway Patrol

Lieutenant Chris Ray, TN Highway Patrol

John and I have been friends for years and I am impressed by his sincerity, dedication and perseverance. It is my opinion that he will bring much needed energy to North Carolina's representation in Washington. He is not afraid to go up against the "big money politics" and will put his District first and foremost. Please give John your support and let's see him elected to the 2nd Congressional District Seat!

Tony Jenzano, Film Production

He will do an awesome job representing us all.

Anthony Turnage, Senior Sales Consultant

NC District 02 peeps-My friend John McNeil is running for Congress. Help take our government back with a vote for John. It's a vote for equality for all, support for our Vets, getting big $$$ out of politics, against gerrymandering & pork belly spending, fixing the ACA and more!

Kim Ann Callan

It is good to see a candidate who is not afraid of a debate and willing to roll up their sleeves and get involved for the better of their community. I had the privilege to serve with John as a United States Marine and know firsthand of his integrity and commitment to what he believes in. He is without a doubt an exemplary example of what a community leader should be and the most deserving candidate for Congress. The personal time that he has committed to us all on the topic of Camp Lejeune water contamination alone speaks volumes to me that he cares and that we, the people, still have a voice and he is the person to represent that voice in Congress. Thank you for all that you do Mr. McNeil and know that I support you in your campaign for Congressman.


Robert Michael Johnson
USMC Ret. Disabled Veteran

Robert M. Johnson, USMC Ret. Disabled Veteran

John McNeil has served his country as a Marine and his community as an attorney. His integrity, work ethic and principles are what our State needs now.

Stephanie Gibbs, Attorney and Journalist

I am asking you to support and vote for John McNeil. John is a good friend of mine and is a Marine, war veteran and a great attorney who is running for the 2nd Congressional district in North Carolina. John is the type of guy all of us regular citizens would want to support defend and represent you in Washington DC He is a person of high moral character and someone who is not afraid to go up against the political machine that currently sits and allegedly represents your interests. John has always been a fighter for the common man and will continue to support you when he is elected to the 2nd Congressional seat. John has my support and dedication for this run and I hope you help me in supporting John in his run for office. Thanks John for always having our backs.

Stephen Derosa, Retired Police Officer

The Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People late Saturday announced its endorsements of candidates and issues in the March 2016 primary.

We were pleased to receive the endorsement of the DCABP and look forward to working with them in the future to move North Carolina forward!

Durham Committee of the Affairs of Black People

We were pleased to receive the endorsement of the Raleigh-Wake Citizens Association and look forward to working with them to move North Carolina forward.

Raleigh-Wake Citizens Association

200 People's Alliance PAC members voted to endorse Progressive candidates for Durham & NC.  Our candidates WILL make a difference in the quality of our public schools, the fairness of our justice system, and how we treat everyone in our community.  

John McNeil has a law firm and mediation service in Raleigh. He is a Marine Corps veteran, served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm, and believes our foreign policy should be guided by vigorous diplomacy, not saber rattling. He supports the Affordable Care Act and would work to improve it. We were impressed with his thoughtfulness, energy, and plain speaking. His views on the issues align well with PA. He supports equal pay for equal work and strong environmental protections.

People’s Alliance PAC 2016 Endorsement

I know John as a colleague and a friend, and I'm lucky to count him as both.  I am really excited to have the chance to vote for him on March 15 and again in November.  John's background and life experience are different than the silver spoon crowd that dominates in Washington.  When a man who enlisted in the United States Marine Corps tells me our military policy is broken, I listen.  When John says that our veterans deserve better than the status quo at the VA, he knows what he is talking about.  I know that John has the same concerns I have as a (very) small business owner, and that he, like me, knows that the middle class is taking the brunt of the pain from our current conservative congress's fiscal policies.

John is the real deal, and I believe he is the change we need in D.C. I hope you will join me in supporting his campaign.

Sarah Jessica Farber, Attorney